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Beaches of Milos

Milos has many beaches of exceptional beauty. Each beach that you will visit during your stay in the island is completely different from the others and that is what makes Milos stand out not only in the Cyclades but throughout Greece. Many beaches are accessible by land, while others are accessible only by sea. From the 90 beaches, 17 are on the northern, 12 on the eastern, 21 on the southern, 15 on the western side and 25 in the bay.


Agia Kyriaki is a long, sandy, organized beach, distinguished for the special “glass” effect caused to the water by the smooth, white stones around the coast. It is near Paleochori beach, and it is accessible through a road from Zephyria.




All white rocks spread out in and out of the sea, creating strange terraces, arches and sea caves, coloring even the sea bottom with whitish colors. It is a paradise for photographers and for those who like diving from the rocks. It is not organized and the entrance from the sea is rather narrow. If you intend to go there, you must have with you all the things that you may need. It is located on the northern coast of Milos and you can arrive there from Adamas by road driving north.



Colorful limestone rocks that when they get wet look like natural paintings. There are no trees at all, only two rows of umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. It is one of the best organized beaches of Milos preferred by speedboatowners or dedicated hikers and climbers. It is located on the south coast of the island, near the village of Provatas.





It is a big and popular beach 8km from Adamas to the south, full of colorful pebbles, thick sand and cool, crystal, clear, deep waters, consisting basically of three beaches. The big and organized one, the medium-size one and a smaller and narrow one surrounded by rocks. Paliochori is unique and imposing due to the volcanic energy and geological liveliness of the area. In addition to the rocks in red, pink, yellow and white-white colors, hot waters also spring here. The unbelievable variety of natural elements and colors will amaze you.


It is a seaside settlement with a small but organized beach, suitable for swimming and fishing. Here, there are some tamarisks and a small bay surrounded by the fishermen’s houses known as “syrmata”. The beach is sandy and there is also a beachbar.At the edge of the settlement, after “syrmata” you can see the abandoned loading platform and the church of Agios Nikolaos.




Kleftiko or “SeaMeteora,” as many people call it, is a set of gray-white rocks of strange shapes and formations, with caves and cavities created over the centuries by the wind and the sea.Access is possible only by boats from Adamas that perform daily trips here.




A beach embraced by giant rocks, with white sand and emerald waters.Access to this truly exotic beach is possible through a relatively easy dirt road, however, in order to enjoy its beauty you have to go downhill a steep path covered with sand and supported by a rope.The last few meters end up to a wooden staircase.The beach is not organized, but you can get the absolutely necessary from the nearby beach of Fyriplaka.



Next to the ruins of the ancient city of Filakopi, there are the three caves of Papafragas. The cave of Papafragas is a deep sea one where you can swim in blue-green waters surrounded by gray-white rocks leading to the open sea. The beach is small, encircled by the huge, light-colored rocks, and to get there you have to go downhill a steep carving on the rock. During the Byzantine years, it was used as a pirates’ base, while it was named after the last Pope who used the beachfor keeping his boat protected.


It is a beach with fine, white sand at the entrance of the bay of Milos, very close to Plaka. It is easily accessible by road and it has a view to Akradies, Arkoudes and Mandrakia. Scattered trees offer plenty of shade to the visitors and the shallow crystal clear waters are ideal for families with young children. There are not many facilities within walking distance of the beach.




The Mandrakia area has one of the most amazing beaches, with white sand and turquoise crystal clear waters. It is peaceful and so attracts mainly those who love tranquility, swimming and relaxation overlooking the endless Aegean Sea. Mandrakia is a small, picturesque village with a small harbor, where the famous fishermen’s white houses -known as “syrmata”- dominate with their colorful doors. (Premises where fishing boats and fishing tackle are kept giving a traditional color to the settlement).

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